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An exploration tour in Cham

Around our hotel in Cham, incredible castles and fortresses await, as do panoramic platforms and towers, interesting museums, and much more.

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Quadfeldmühle leisure area in Cham

On the leisure ground, children can have as much fun as they can on the playground, volleyball court, or skate park.

Distance: 450m

Mariä Himmelfahrt parish church

This is a real jewel for every history, architecture, and church fan. Its roots go back to the eighth century and the “cathedral of Cham” has an eventful history.

Distance: 4km

Churpfalz park

Churpfalz park is the most beautiful flower and leisure park in Bavaria, a place where big and small adrenaline lovers can enjoy exciting adventures from spring to autumn.

Distance: 7.5km

Birds of prey park in Grafenwiesen

It offers a fascinating insight into the world of raptors. Watch the show of approx. 50 animals across a 7,500m2 area.

Distance: 18km

Spearing the Dragon

Spearing the Dragon (Drachenstich in German) is Germany’s oldest folk play and takes place every year in August in Furth im Wald. It tells the story of the Hussite wars and the related legend of the dragon and the battle between good and evil.

Distance: 20km

Lichtenegg castle ruins

The ruins are situated at 707 metres above sea level with a fantastic panoramic view from the tower. In July and August, the Lichtenegg festival takes place in the castle courtyard.

Distance: 20km

Match Museum

Let there be light! At the Match Museum in Grafenwiesen, you can learn all about matchstick production in the Weisser Regen valley and admire some special products.

Distance: 21km

Beer Mug Museum

Dear beer lovers: The Beer Mug Museum awaits you in Grafenwiesen. You can visit it for free from spring to autumn.

Distance: 21km

Gipfelsteig panoramic platform on Hohenbogen

From the Gipfelsteig panoramic platform on the ridge of Hohenbogen, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Bavarian Forest natural park.

Distance: 27km

Sound trail

In Neukirchen, you can stop at seven stations, play instruments from different cultures, and listen to the sounds. The sound trail is open from spring to autumn.

Distance: 30km

Arnbruck – the glass village

Visit the glass village, open all year round and still home to around 170 experts: artists, craftspeople, engineers, merchants, decorators, or florists.

Distance: 30km

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