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How it all began

The history of Randsbergerhof starts with the Randsberger noble family. They lived in Altrandsberg castle and partly also in Neurandsberg castle as early as the 12th century. In Cham, however, the Randsberger family had another large estate: the Randsberger palace, which was used by the noble family as a winter residence and accommodation for short stays. The lords of Randsberg often invited guests to sumptuous and luxurious parties. When Maximilian of Bavaria conquered the town of Cham in 1621, the Randsberger palace was to be transformed into a Jesuit monastery so that Jesuits could convert the people of Cham back to the Catholic faith. However, this plan was impeded by the archdeacon of the time, Mr Johann Wolfgang Huber. In an old description of the house, it was identified as the inn Zum Grünen Kranz.

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Want to know the rest of the story?

Back in 1904, the Wittmann family purchased the estate of the former Randsbergerhof and built a modern hotel within a very short time; a hotel that had never closed for a day in its over hundred-year history. Today, we’re the fourth generation to run the hotel, and our daughter Antonia is going to be the fifth. Our hotel offers around 100 rooms, a 1,600m2 wellness oasis, modern conference rooms, and a sky pool with a view. To honour the lively history of our Randsbergerhof, we often organise medieval nights in our rustic parlour on suitable occasions.

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Your hotel in Cham, Bavaria: The history

And who are we?

Let us introduce ourselves: We’re the Wittmann family consisting of Michael and Barbara with children Michael and Sebastian, his partner Patricia, and little Antonia. We’re all passionate hosts. Little Antonia shows us every day how important it is to spend precious time with our loved ones. Our goal: To give you a joyful, regenerating, and unforgettable holiday. How do we achieve that? Find out here.

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